TREND is an innovative solution with its unique features that change the way international distribution channels work. If you want to join our team of energetic, creative entrepreneurs willing to make a difference in this world, check out our vacancies and ley us know if you are interested!

Marketing Researcher


• A bachelor’s degree in economics, commerce, business administration or public administration is required

• Working experience as marketing researcher is preferred

Duties and responsibilities:

• Analyze promotional and marketing campaigns to identify improvements
• Conduct research on consumers, competitors and the market place to identify trends to optimize marketing strategies for the digital platform
• Plan development projects and coordinate activities with representatives of a wide variety of industrial and commercial enterprises, community and business associations
• Develop, implement and evaluate communications strategies and programs designed to inform clients, employees and the general public of initiatives and policies of the business
• Prepare reports, research papers, educational texts or articles
• Develop and organize workshops, meetings and other events for publicity, fundraising and information purposes

Software Engineer


• A bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer systems engineering, software engineering or mathematics or completion of a college program in computer science is required

• Three to four years of experience as a software engineer is required

Duties and responsibilities:

• Collect and document users’ requirements and develop logical and physical specifications
• Research, evaluate and synthesize technical information to design, develop and test the digital platform
• Develop data, process and network models to optimize architecture and to evaluate the performance and reliability of designs
• Plan, design and coordinate the development, installation, integration and operation of the platform
• Assess, test, troubleshoot, document, upgrade and develop maintenance procedures for operating systems and digital platform software