Customer Problem

It is common to observe the situation when a technologically advanced products or highly reputable manufacturer lose business in competition to an inferior product. Following are some points that require attention:

1 – Lack of product knowledge/technical know-how by the local representatives;

2 – Unavailability of immediate repair;

3 – Poor communication due to language barrier;

4 – Foreign consultants legging behind latest upgrades and improvements, etc.


There is an opportunity to setup TREND, where fresh university STEM-sector graduates from different educational backgrounds, origins and cultures can find a chance to be hired and trained by International OEMs on other products to address the problems mentioned above. These graduates will provide their services online as well as physically by visiting their country of origin, which is much easier to arrange and less expensive to finance due to the local status of deployed experts.


Our Product

By helping international manufacturers retain customers and optimize the effective use of high-end products and advanced technologies, we help them save much of the negative impacts of underutilized features and eliminate the growing costs of returns:

The cost of faulty products

When a product is not destroyed but has a glitch or a bump, TREND can often fix it.

The cost of labor

This also includes warehousing, shipping and restocking.

The cost of reselling the product

A returned product may need to be repackaged, or refurbished, but also remarketed.